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2017-2018 HIt THE HIGH NOTE Donors
[Donations of $500 or more]
January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018

$5,000  Bears Care  

$1,200  Illinois Arts Council 

$1,000  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois 

$1,000  Norman Clearfield

$1,000  Richard and Priscilla Nied

$1,000  Stephen and Kelly Wetoska

$600     Cheryl Oulehla

$600     Fred Retter

$500     Jan and Allan Bergman

$500     Mady Fern

$500   Melinda and Ron Harris

$500     Sheila O'Brien

$500   Dr. Robert L. Rosenfeld

$500     Mark & Colette Wetzel


Glenview Community Church
Lawyers for the Create Arts
Jones Day:  Elizabeth Kitsaar and Katherine Stovsky
Merchant Gould:  Brent Routman
Pilgrim Congregational Church


2017-2018 DONORS
January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018

Nancy Abrams (In Honor of Jan Bergman'sbirthday)

Mary Altenbaumer
Allan and Jan Bergman♫ (In Memory of Donna Retter, In Memory of Louis Tesoro)
Rosemary Berman (In Honor of Jan Bergman)
Mark and Margaret Burka
Linda Caradine
Brent and Ann Carstensen (In Memory of Donna Retter)
Deb Clause
Norman Clearfield♫ (In Memory of Ruth Clearfield)
Robert Clearfield (In Honor Norman Clearfield and Joan Hutchinson)
Ilana Cohen
CS Distribution (In Memory of Donna Retter)
Claudia Divis
Michael and Barbara Dolan
Cynthia Early
Betsy Eisenhauer
Marilyn Engstrom
Janet Gans Epner
Mady Fern♫ (In Memory of Donna Retter)
Ralph Fine
Judy Fitchett
Alan Fox
Harvey Gilden
Jeff and Ellen Gluskin (In Honor of Diane Gluskin)
Larry and Debbie Gluskin (In Honor of Diane Gluskin)
Mary Gold
Corinne Goldman
Howard Grill
Susan Grossman
Pi and Nancy Gurny (In Honor of Corinne Goldman's birthday)
Arlene Harris
Ron and Melinda Harris (In Memory of Donna Retter)
Jeannine Hebst/Neal Barg (In Memory of Stanley Evans)
Jerry Hills
James Humphrey (In Memory of Stanley Evans)
Hubert and Sue Ann Humphrey (In Memory of Stanley Evans)
Rev. Sally and Jim Iberg
Charles and Sandra Incorvia
Michael and Tacia Johnson
Carolyn Keller
Judith Klarfeld
Edith Kraemer (In Honor of Jim Rostenberg)
Patti Krueger
Allen and Sue Kravis (In Memory of Ariel)
Kirsten and Ray Majeski
Jill Maling
Annette Martin
Brenda Martin
Eileen Matthies
Kevin McOlgan
Richard and Priscilla Nied (In Honor of Marie Koury♫, Bruce W. Nied and In Memory of Bette I. Nied)
Sheila O'Brien
Cheryl Oulehla
Becky and PD Parmelee (In Honor of Margaret Gerber)
Arlene Penaflorida
Lawrence and Gail Pitsch (In Honor of Deb Clause)
Cathy Pockross (In Honor of Laurie Weissler)
Mark and Shari Rangel
Ruth Reiner
Ellen Reiselbach
Fred Retter
Joanne Rosenbush(In Memory of Donna Retter)
Dr. Robert Rosenfeld (In Honor of Dan Rogers)
Dina Schenk
Jillian Schuessler (In Honor of Ilana Cohen)
Roberta Scotto
Robert Seebeck
Katherine Sherry (In Memory of Stanley Evans)
Patricia Skinner
Shari Sommers♫ (In Memory of Donna Retter)
Blooma Stark (In Honor of Barbara Hausman)
Chet and Diane Steinmetz (In Honor of Audrey Perlman; Katheryn, Jenny and Jackie's graduation; Sammy Cohan's Bar Mitzvah; Doris Simon's 95th birthday; Melinda Harris' birthday; Ron and Sheila Jacobson;
Roni Strassman
Larry and Kate Sullivan
MaDonna Thelen
Carol Tosi
Susan Vonachen (In Honor of Joanne Rosenbush's Birthday)
Theresa Walker Wedell
Carole Wald (In Memory of Donna Retter; In Honor of Melinda Harris' Birthday)
Edmond and Rose Walsh
Wilbert Watkins
Margaret Wedoff
Florence Weese
Mary Weller-Rice
Mark and Colette Wetzel (In Honor of Nan Martin)
Women of Temple Chai (In Honor of Jan Bergman)
Mark and Susan Zolno (In Memory of Stanley Evans)

♫ = Sing to Live Community Chorus Member

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